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Improving Financial Management

Municipal Analytics LLC can meet your organization’s immediate and on-going needs for information and tools to improve financial management. Our focus is on:

Financial Analysis:

The current uncertainty surrounding public finance demands new approaches to budgeting, and more focused attention on fiscal management and planning. We can help.

Decision Support:

Our experienced consulting staff provides municipal leaders with tools and information to better understand, deliberate, communicate and reach agreement on critical issues. We can help.

Meaningful Solutions:

We strive to understand the needs and challenges faced by our clients, and to craft effective solutions and recommendations which address your community’s unique needs. Contact us to learn more.

Our clients:

We serve all types of public sector organizations, including cities, counties, townships, villages, libraries, public authorities and schools.

    • Ensure long-term financial sustainability
    • Anticipate budget shortfalls or surpluses
    • Improve returns on investments
    • Pro-actively manage budgets
    • Avoid short-sighted financial planning
    • Integrate multiple financial worksheets into a single file
    • Set rates at appropriate levels
    • Establish equity in the rate structure
    • Improve cash position in utility funds
    • Ensure customer database accuracy
    • Manage capital plans and debt expenditures
    • Calculate impact fees/system development charges
    • Recover costs from users of specific services
    • Reduce burden of other funds on General Fund
    • Evaluate true costs & benefits of potential shared services
    • Improve decision-making with sound research
    • Establish objective methods for fees and charges
    • Manage cost allocation calculations with in-house staff
    • Improved forecasting of your most significant cost center
    • Expand annual personnel calculations out to 5 years
    • Simplify labor negotiations
    • Expert witness for labor disputes
    • Labor market compensation analysis
    • Benefit cost analysis
    • Understand the true costs & benefits of proposals
    • Evaluate the financial feasibility of projects
    • Save money by researching before issuing debt
    • Develop information to support recommendations
    • Improve awareness of economic impacts
    • Test viability of shared service arrangements
    • Position community for long-term financial stability
    • Define policy guidelines for managers
    • Establish clear and measurable objectives
    • Provide for consistency of financial management
    • Improve bond rating and public confidence
    • Avoid setting policy in crisis – plan ahead